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Latest News -- ((cont. from pg. 1))  Christy McWilson's CD, Bed of Roses will be released on HighTone on March 19. Dave produced and played on the CD.  Peter Buck of R.E.M. plays on the album also. Dave and Peter Buck will back Christy on an April promotional tour for Bed Of Roses. Joe Terry and Bobby Lloyd Hicks will also be part of the band. -- In early February, Dave Alvin wrote songs with Rod Hodges of the Iguanas for inclusion on the next Iguana's album.  --  Jill Olson of Red Meat has a solo album coming out in May called My Best Yesterday. Dave Alvin produced the CD and played bass on it. -- Joe Terry will tour with Robbie Fulks on his U.S. and European tour in March and April. -- Smokey Hormel has joined up with singer Miho Hatori (from the New York art-pop band Cibo Matto) to form a duo they call Smokey & Mino. They play Brazilian and bossa nova music.  ~~AM

Bruce Willis and the Accelerators
2002 US TOUR

Report from Rick Shea: Dave Alvin To Produce a New Album by Rick Shea & Brantley Kearns

This will be a Rick and Brantley album. We're gonna do half new songs and half covers - all on acoustic instruments. There should be a variety of songs. It will be a folk album in that sense. I'll play mandolin and acoustic guitar. I might play slide, but the plan is to have Greg Leisz play, so if he does, there's no reason to get my slide out. Brantley will play fiddle, vocals, and maybe some mandolin, too. I'm sure there will be a lot of singing between the two of us.
Brantley will sing LOAFER'S GLORY by Flatt and Scruggs. I'm gonna sing this Jim Ringer song called RACHEL. There will be two instrumentals, but I'll leave the rest as a surprise. Dave will be producing so were sorting out things about songs and arrangements. We'll get in the studio and start playing the songs and that's when things will come together. We will be recording at Paul du Gre's studio in Burbank starting February 11, 2002. That's where we recorded Katy's (Moffatt) record.
We'll be using James Cruz on drums, Dave Jackson on bass, Don Heffington I'm sure will make a guest appearance, and Chris Gaffney and Wyman Reese will also be on there. Tres Pescadores records will put it out; they did Chris Gaffney's
Live And Then Some album. This will be Brantley's debut on an album, and it's long, long overdue. I'm proud to be involved in that. -- Rick

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