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American Music # 91 December 2021 -- Delta Pacific: a pre-Blasters band interview with Doug Allgood and Kevin Fahy. Also The Blasters / Los Lobos / X family reunion show, and the Dave Alvin/CCR/X connection

American Music # 90 July 2021 -- Rick Shea’s new CD Love & Desperation, Gene Taylor’s six solo albums, remembering bluesman James Harman, and 25 years of Dave Alvin’s ‘Interstate City.’

American Music # 89 April 2021 -- Tribute to Gene Taylor, Gene Taylor 1996 interview, the latest news and Dave Alvin on Tribute albums.

American Music # 88 October 2020 -- Dave Alvin’s ‘From an Old Guitar: Rare and Unreleased’ CD, The Blasters and band updates, and behind the scenes of Dave Alvin’s L.A. Times 2000 cover story.

American Music # 87 April 2020 -- Dave Alvin's The Third Mind band, a Chris Gaffney Tribute show, and Dave Alvin's Poetic Performances.

American Music # 86 November 2019 -- Steve Berlin Interview, Dave Alvin’s King of California 25th Anniversary Tour, The Center of Nowhere movie, and a Chris Gaffney memorial concert.

American Music # 85 July 2019 -- Blasters 40th anniversary Issue: 2019 Interviews with all the original and current Blasters, Dave Alvin’s 25th Anniversary re-release of King of California, Dave Alvin & Sophia Pfister’s collaboration, a review of new Dave Alvin essays, and the Last Train Tour.

American Music # 84 December 2018 -- Dave Alvin’s 1993 Museum of Heart album, Dave & Jimmie Dales’ 2018 tour, Phil’s guitar lost and found, Flesh Eaters CD review, and Phil Alvin’s Solo Holiday Hayride.

American Music # 83 July 2018 -- Dave & Jimmie Dale ‘Downey To Lubbock’ interview, The Blasters in Finland 2018, Dave's Poems: From Printed Page to DVD, and Dave & Jimmie Dale Live in Philly review.

American Music # 82 March 2018 -- Blasters Holiday Hayride Tour, 20th Anniversary of the Monsters of Folk, and a preview of ‘Downey To Lubbock.’

American Music # 81 November 2017 -- This Issue: A Farewell to Rockabilly legend Sonny Burgess, The Guilty Ones interview Part 2, Rick Shea’s new CD, and Dave Alvin Instrumentals.

American Music # 80 June 2017 -- A farewell to Bobby Lloyd Hicks, The Guilty Ones interview part 1, Katy Moffatt on a new CD, and a review of Hard Travelin'.

American Music #79 January 2017 -- The Blue Shadows Debut CD, The Mike Eldred Trio’s Baptist Town CD and “Everybody Digs Sammy Masters.”

American Music #78 August 2016 -- 25th Anniversary of Dave Alvin's BLUE BLVD album interviews, Keith Wyatt on an alternate career of Guitar Instruction.

American Music #77 April 2016 -- Keith Wyatt 20th Anniversary interview, Return of the Blue Shadows, "Under The Big Black Sun" Review, Dave Alvin - Liner note writer.

American Music #76 December 2015 -- The Dave & Phil Alvin Lost Time interview, Blasters tour report by Keith Wyatt, Big Joe Turner, and the Blasters 1986 Palace Show.

American Music # 75 August 2015 -- Dave Alvin preview of Lost Time, Keith Wyatt’s Blasters update, and Los Lobos’ Dream In Blue book review.

American Music # 74 April 2015 -- Phil Alvin on the Fun On Saturday Night CD, a feature on The California Feetwarmers band, and the band answers your questions.

American Music #73 January 2015 -- Keith Wyatt on The Blasters 2014 East Coast tour, The 2014 Dave & Phil Common Ground Tour, and Don Heffington’s Gloryland.

American Music # 72 September 2014 -- Dave and Phil Alvin Common Ground Interview, Keith Wyatt Blasters May 2014 Midwest Tour, Mike Watt's 'Song For Dave Alvin,' and Dave Alvin's Mustang guitar replicated.

American Music # 71 May 2014 -- Dave Alvin and Phil Alvin play SXSW Austin TX 2014, Keith Wyatt on The Blasters and 'X' Family Christmas Tour and the Blasters Texas Tour, Janne Kurunsaari reports on the Family Christmas tour, and Rosie Flores is interviewed on writing 'Goodbye Again' with Dave Alvin.

American Music # 70 February 2014 -- 20th Anniversary Issue. Danny Bland on 'In Case We Die,' Dave Alvin's 2013 Facebook Diary, and some words from the AM staff.

American Music # 69 December 2013 -- The Mike Eldred Trio interview, Rick Shea on his CD Sweet Bernardine, and The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County.

American Music # 68 May 2013 -- Coverage of the Phil Alvin Benefit concert, Dave Alvin as a song co-writer, and Dwight Yoakam's association with the Blasters.

American Music # 67 December 2012 25th Anniversary of Dave Alvin's first solo album Romeo's Escape, Ghost Brothers of Darkland County CD release announced, Dave Alvin's Christmas song, and the latest news.

American Music # 66 July 2012 Coverage of the Blasters Fun On Saturday Night CD, Phil Alvin's 'Miracle' recovery in Spain, and a review of the Troubadour Blues DVD.

American Music # 65 February 2012  The Blasters shows fronted by Dave Alvin, ‘The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County’ announced, Eleven Eleven Deluxe CD Edition, more Dave Alvin music on 'Justified', The Blasters on the East Coast 2011, and The Original Blasters New Years Eve party 2010.

American Music # 64 November 2011 An all Eleven Eleven issue. Dave Alvin's new CD, new band, and summer 2011 tour coverage.

American Music # 63 December 2010 The Blasters and Dave Alvin at Fitzgerald's American Music festival, Mississippi Sheiks DVD Tribute and Stories from the road.

American Music # 62 June 2010 The Blasters spring 2010 east coast tour, Rick Shea on his ‘Shelter Valley Blues’ CD. Stanley Wycoff on his ‘Swim Into The Whirlpool’ CD.

American Music # 61 January 2010 The Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women 2009 USA Tour and the Blasters tour Europe. Also part 2 of Dave Alvin's Discography of digital download songs.

American Music #60 October 2009 Dave Alvin song by song on the Chris Gaffney Tribute CD, Musicians comments on playing on the CD, and an interview with the songwriters of Gaffney's last song.

American Music # 59 June 2009 Dave Alvin's Guilty Women CD, Dave Alvin's Great American Music Hall DVD, and a Blasters record collectors discography.

American Music # 58 December 2008 Dave Alvin’s HighTone Years CD, The 1st Annual Dog and Pony Show, and the first Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women show is reviewed.

American Music # 57 August 2008 Bill Bateman on his return to the Blasters. Dave Gonzalez interviewed about the new Hacienda Brothers CD 'Arizona Motel', and James Intveld on his new record ‘Have Faith.’

American Music # 56 June 2008 Chris Gaffney Tribute issue. Featuring 19 pages of comments from just a few of Gaff's friends and band mates. Also reviews of the April 30, 2008 Gaffney memorial concert.

American Music # 55 January 2008 The Gene Taylor Blues Band goes on tour. Also, American Music on Plus all the latest news.

American Music # 54 September 2007  The Original Blasters play at the Bill Bateman tribute show, The Blasters summer 2007 tour, Jerry Angel’s photo gallery, and Dave Alvin’s new digital single releases.

American Music # 53 June 2007 Featuring: Phil, Dave, and John remember the Streets of Fire movie, The Blasters tour Spain, and ‘Dave Alvin: Live from Austin Texas’ is released.

American Music # 52 February 2007  Dave Alvin's concert with the Calvanes, Hollywood Fats is remembered by the Blasters, and Joe Terry's 'Coldest Day's of the Year' Tour Diary.

American Music # 51 November 2006  Dave Alvin’s 9-Volt Radio show, The Blasters re-unite with James Intveld, and Dave Alvin is interviewed as a son of a Union Man.

American Music # 50 August 2006  The Flesh Eaters history and 2006 Reunion tour, The Blasters with Gene Taylor, and Dave Alvin and the Guilty Men play the American Music fest together, and Dave Alvin's Blackout show in St. Louis.

American Music # 49 May 2006 Dave Alvin goes song by song thru West Of The West . Frank Furillo, the man who formed the Blasters, is interviewed. Also the Gene Taylor photo Gallery.

American Music #48 February 2006 The Blasters 4-11-44 US tour story, Rick Shea on his new Bound For Trouble CD, and the Mike George interview: The man that set up the Blasters first paying gig in ‘79.

American Music #47 December 2005 Featuring "The Modern Sounds of the Knitters" album and tour, Dave Alvin on John Waters’ Cry-Baby film, and a preview of Dave Alvin’s new album West Of The West.

American Music #46 June 2005 The History of Dave Alvin's guitars, a review of Dave Alvin's 2005 Ashgrove acoustic tour, and the Blasters September 2004 Scandanavian tour diaries Part 2.

American Music # 45 May 2005 Full feature on Chris Gaffney's new band The Hacienda Brothers. An interview with Brother Dave Gonzalez and Gaffney. Also The Dave Alvin / Joe Ely connection. And the Blasters September 2004 Scandinavian tour diaries Part 1.

American Music # 44 November 2004 Read about the new Blasters album called 4-11-44 and also full coverage of Dave Alvin's year long Ashgrove Tour of the USA. Guilty Man Joe Terry wrote a tour diary of the tour just for the Blasters Newsletter.

American Music # 43 September 2004 The Original Blasters play one more show (Long Beach CA 9/4/04), the new Guilty Men guitar player, Chris Miller, and The Original Blasters 2003 Euro tour diary : Part 3.

American Music # 42 June 2004 Dave Alvin tells all about Ashgrove, Rick Shea leaves the Guilty Men and The Original Blasters 2003 Euro tour diary : Part 2.

American Music # 41 Feb. 2004 Special 10th Anniversary issue: Dave Alvin's 1987 Border Radio Movie, Dave Alvin on Temples Of Rock TV special, The Original Blasters 2003 Euro tour diary : Part 1, and the history of the Blasters newsletter.

American Music # 40 Nov. 2003 Review and photos from the Original Blasters filming of a concert with special guests for a DVD release. Also John Bazz reports on his trip to Iraq to play for the Troops with the Bruce Willis band, and some of the Blasters remember Johnny Cash.

American Music # 39 July 2003 Special Road Crew issue: Interviews with the Blasters soundmen Babo and Rick Brown. A roadie's report of 24 hours on tour with the Original Blasters, and also the history behind Dave Alvin's Andersonville.

American Music # 38 April 2003 Complete reviews and set lists for all of the Blasters reunion shows on their Decemeber 2002 west coast tour. Also the new Blasters play a Buddy Holly tribute show in Iowa.

American Music # 37 Nov. - Dec. 2002 Complete reviews and set lists for all of the Blasters reunion shows on the November 2002 East coast tour. Also the Blasters play  a bluegrass festival show in September, and the first ever Blasters show in their hometown of Downey California.

American Music # 36 September 2002 Inside story on the recording of the Original Five Blasters 'Trouble Bound' live album at the Hollywood House of Blues in June 2002. Rick Shea & Brantley Kearns are interviewed about their 'Trouble & Me' CD, a review of the Knitters 2002 Seattle show.

American Music # 35 May 2002  In depth coverage of the Blasters March 2002 "Original Recipe" reunion tour. Dave Alvin talks about his new Live Cd with the Guilty men called Out In California.

American Music # 34 February 2002    In depth coverage of The Blasters 2 CD set Testament: The Complete Slash Recordings (1981-1985),  Bruce Willis and the Accelerators 2002 Nation-wide tour, and Dave Alvin's acoustic tour in tribute to folk/blues man Mississippi John Hurt.

American Music # 33 November 2001     Rick Shea interviewed about solo album "SawBones." Katy Moffatt's association to Dave Alvin and a look back at the Blasters 1982 Soundstage TV concert special.

American Music # 32 August 2001    The Original 4 Blasters reunite for a show. Dave Alvin's Mississippi Pilgrimage and Cambodia goodwill trip and Dave plays guitar for Sun Records legends.

American Music # 31 May 2001     Dave Alvin story on winning the Grammy, Dave Alvin's Spoken Word recordings. Also James Intveld's Big band.

American Music # 30 February 2001 The new Blasters album sessionography, Feature on the Blue Shadows band and reviews of Dave Alvin’s All Rare Songs Show and the Alvin Brothers New Years Eve weekend.

American Music # 29 November 2000 Dave Alvin’s east coast Public Domain tour; fiddle player Brantley Kearns is interviewed; and Marshall Crenshaw on Dave’s Wanda & Duane.

American Music #28 August 2000 Dave and the Guilty Men take us into the studio for the making of the Public Domain CD. Kelly Joe Phelps is interviewed. Plus, an insider’s diary of the Blasters historic 1982 London Venue concert.

American Music #27 May 2000 Dave on his new Public Domain CD. James Intveld on his new record 'Somewhere Down The Road', and highlights of the South By South West 2000 music fest in Austin, Texas.

American Music #26 February 2000 The Chris Gaffney Interview for his 'Live and Then Some' CD, Dave Alvin’s 'New Year 2000 Open Letter', and the Jack Daniels Lovers interview.

American Music # 22 February 1999 featuring The Austin City Limits taping, Gregory Boaz interview, A Blasters reunion jam, Phil Alvin remembers Spain, Q & A’s, and Dave’s stories from the road.

American Music # 3 June 1994 Conversation with Phil Alvin Part 2, Blasters discography (Expanded Edition includes new content) - Blasterbilia: Discography Photo Gallery and T-shirt photo gallery. Blasters photos from 9/19/85 Milwaukee WI. BLasters History in "Original Cool" rockabilly fanzine.

American Music # 2 May 1994 Conversation with Phil Alvin Part 1, The Faultline Syncopaters profile, and Dave Alvin's 'Museum of Heart' tour. (Expanded Edition includes new content) - Dave Alvin and the Guilty Men 3/9/94 Philadelphia show photo's, 1982 Island Ear Magazine interview.

American Music # 1 February 1994 A Blasters History up to 1980, James Intveld profile, and the latest news. (Expanded Edition includes new content) - 12/11/93 Palomino show photo's, Dave Alvin's final Blasters show 3/28/86 photo's.

More expanded edition back issues will be added soon. Keep checking back.