Dave and Phil Alvin Record A New CD For Yep Roc Records 

In This Issue: The Mike Eldred Trio, Rick Shea's new CD, and The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County.

Dave Alvin exclusive digital download tracks discography Part 4

     In summer of 2007, Dave Alvin launched DaveAlvin.net. It opened up opportunities for Dave to further reach out to his fans. He began releasing exclusive bonus songs available only on the internet. It was announced: "Throughout his career, Dave Alvin has periodically paid tribute to songwriters/performers that have inspired him by recording his favorite songs by these artists. Dave has many of these and other self penned gems hidden away in his personal archives. He is happy to now have the opportunity to make some of these tracks available to you exclusively through yeproc.com and davealvin.net. To accompany each song's release, Dave has a few words for us about why he felt compelled to record it."
     Starting in American Music #54 (August, 2007) Part 1 of this discography appeared for the first group of songs he released: PEACE, and HIGHWAY 61. Then Part 2 in #61 (January, 2010), Part 3 appeared in issue #63 (December, 2010) and finally here is part 4 of Dave's descriptions of the exclusive tracks:
These digital singles are available for download on Yeproc.com in the Yep Roc Web Shop for just $0.99.

Dave Alvin - "On My Way Downtown" (a tribute to Peter Case)  Release: August 2008
     The first time I heard Peter Case sing "On My Way Downtown" was some years back when he'd just finished writing it. I was in the audience at a "new song" workshop featuring Peter and a few other songwriters. We've all heard of "love