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By Billy Davis

     Gene Taylor is the piano player from the Original Blasters, and he most recently played with them on the 2002-2003 reunion tour. For 13 years (1993-2006), he played keys as a member of the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Last Year, Gene relocated to Belgium to start a full time solo career. His most recent solo album was released in 2003 on the Pacific Blues label called Gene Taylor.

     For the 2007 Holiday season, Gene planned a tip to Los Angeles to visit with friends and do a few shows with his old part time combo - The Gene Taylor / Bill Bateman duo. Bill Bateman was the Original Blasters drummer from 1979-1992. John Bazz was soon added on bass and a variety of blues guitar players were going to be invited to sit in at low-key shows at local bars. Gene came up with the idea of inviting Dave Alvin, but with Dave's busy schedule, no one expected him to be available. But to every


*** "We're gonna feature Dave Alvin right now - his whole cowboy-ness - his essence of his cowboy-ocity is going to become full blooming and flowery -- How Did Bukowski put it?" Dave responded: "His exact words were: Get out of my way kid."

*** Gene: "I backed up two poets in my lifetime playing piano - Charles Bukowski and David Alvin. It was a dead heat on which one was a bigger pain in the ass." Dave responded: "I thought I was number one." Gene: "The spoken word should remain unspoken." Dave: "Well, that's the last spoken word gig you get out of me buddy (laughing)."

"Dave Alvin is wanted in three states and not wanted in the other 47."

"In honor of Dave's cowboy hat, were gonna do one of the many country selections out of our country repe - (stutter) repe. . ." Gene leans in to the audience to hear a girl finish the word 'repertoire.' Gene says in the mike: "Twaaa. What ever the lady said, I agree with it. I never disagree with women about anything unless it's about money (laughs)." Under his breath he continued: "It's always about the money."

"I have a question. They say 'a penny for your thoughts' but when you offer someone something you're putting in 'your two cents' worth.' Where does that extra penny go?"