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Dave Alvin's Guitar History Interview         -By Billy Davis



    Here is a photo of Dave's smashed guitar from the Rome airport. Soundman Rick Brown dug this out of his archives.

Dave Alvin's Ashgrove Acoustic Tour


so I feel I failed miserably."  Dave is so wrong about failing.  It's his typical modesty.  I couldn't imagine anyone else but Dave singing it and really meaning it.  I was lucky to see the second from last show of the tour in Pawling, NY, where Dave decided to sing the song.
Surprisingly, the few songs on
Ashgrove that were meant to be played on acoustic (MAN IN THE BED, EVERRETT RUESS, and NINE VOLT HEART) were rarely played on this tour.
Dave always threw in a Blasters song each show--alternating between HELP YOU DREAM and TROUBLE BOUND.
Dave had a funny intro. for OUT OF CONTROL: "By the way, if you go see the sequel to Citizen Kane called Miss Congeniality 2, you will see 17 seconds of this  song in the movie. I have to say that I think Sandra Bullock is the most perceptive, talented actress of our generation because she produced the movie, she chose the songs, she paid me, I love her. She's a great American."
For most of the shows, Chris Miller played lap steel only on one song - DRY RIVER. Chris is an exciting player and brought another level to the song through his playing on the song.
On at least one occasion, Dave answered a request for BLUE WING. Chris Miller played the lap steel on the song beautifully. It was one of the best versions of that song I've heard.
Dave has gained a lot more courage in choosing songs in his acoustic sets. ROMEO's ESCAPE was a closing song in at least one show that worked perfectly. In previous tours, Dave would hesitate before playing a full-on electric guitar song on acoustic.  What a cool surprise.
Hearing the
Ashgrove songs in an acoustic setting was a treat, but Dave admits he can't wait to get out on the road again with the Guilty Men so he can play his electric guitar. . --Am

Here is a photo of Dave Alvin's smashed guitar in the Rome airport. Soundman Rick Brown dug this up out of his photo archives.