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Currently there is an ad for an LP in the record collectors papers listed as; artist: The Blasters.  Title: Sounds of the Drags.  It is on the Crown label #562 from the year 1963.  Well, if it actually were the Blasters, it would have been funny to hear them shake their rattles and sing ga-ga but sorry, its a sound effects record of dragsters, so don't be fooled. There are some new licenced products available recently: 1. Rhino has put out a video "Best of New Wave Theatre vol. 1" The Blasters do a rockin' version of 'Go, Go, Go.' 2. Hal Leonard Publishing has a songbook of note-for-note guitar tablature entitled "Genuine Rockabilly Hits". It has transcriptions of Marie Marie and American Music.

            by BILLY DAVIS
This is the most complete history of the Blasters in print. Each issue will continue the story chronologically.

When I met Phil the first time and said I was from New York. He mentioned NYC having seven bridges. I never thought about how many we have. Here is the photo Phil autographed at the show. It says "See ya on the Bridges. Phil Alvin."